Kindergarten ''Smile"

Our kindergarten speaks 4 languages: English, Thai, Chinese, and Russian.
The educational process in our kindergarten prepares the child for school. We teach children to draw, count, write, swim and read. Every day we have classes, we are engaged in creativity, we go on excursions, we regularly have shows with children.

We work from 9am till 3 pm. Monday through Friday. 
We have two meals. Breakfast is usually milk porridge, scrambled eggs, hot toast with ham or jam, cereal with milk. Lunch, cream soups with croutons, mashed potatoes with meat, pasta with cheese, sausages, meatball soup, chicken with rice, vegetables, fruits, cookies, sweets. 


Dear children and their parents!

We are pleased to inform you that the kindergarten for the youngest inhabitants of the planet - Kindargarten Smile welcomes you to Phuket Island! The unique location, the Big Buddha area and people close to us say that Karon and Kata will help us in your heart of Phuket Island! Our teachers are qualified English-speaking, Russian and foreign specialists who must properly approach each child and ensure his safe and exciting stay in the garden, where everything is done and done for children. The program is designed to stay the child from 8:00 to 17:00. In the center of development of our society - active games, educational games, lessons of Russian, English and Chinese, math, reading. Children's benefits include didactic games with children's pictures.

A bright classroom for classes, breakfast and a full meal prepared by our chefs, specially reserved for outdoor games, in the shade of trees and awnings, first-class children's playgrounds for safe games. All you need is to attend classes, and parents should be absolutely appreciated by the time that should be spent in children's interaction with peers. Your child will develop much faster and more efficiently.

A sea of ​​positive and joy, a stream of intriguing impressions - a gift worthy of your child.